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How do I Protect my Intellectual Property Rights?

Experienced intellectual property attorneys, like all the partners at Chernoff Vilhauer, can be key partners for the protection of your intellectual property rights. 


We are familiar with the complexities of the Patent and Trademark Office and we have successfully prosecuted hundreds of patents in a variety of industries. 


Likewise, we are well versed in searching and protecting trademark and copyright rights, as well as trade secrets and licensing issues.

What constitutes "intellectual property"?

Intellectual property is intangible personal property that, as the phrase implies, is created by the mind. 


Four well-recognized types of intellectual property rights are copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets.


Like tangible real or personal property, the law recognizes the right to own, license and sell intellectual property.

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Intellectual Property Rights can be lost if not properly protected

Important intellectual property rights can be lost if they are not properly protected, and an experienced attorney can make sure that doesn't happen. 

There are critical dates for the filing of a patent application and trademark rights can be sacrificed if neglected. 

The attorneys at Chernoff Vilhauer will assist you in making sure that your intellectual property rights are protected and not lost in the shuffle.

If you don't protect it, anything you create is up for grabs.

The need for an Attorney to Protect your Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are valuable assets and a good attorney is crucial to help you protect them. 


Obtaining a patent, registering an important trademark and protecting copyright rights are in the forefront of Chernoff Vilhauer's practice.

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The information contained on this webpage is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.  To discuss a legal issue or obtain legal advice please contact an attorney in our office.

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