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IP Counseling


At Chernoff Vilhauer, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive intellectual property counseling services to our clients.  Intellectual property assets are valuable and require careful management and protection.  Our firm offers expert guidance on a wide range of IP-specific matters, helping clients navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property rights, obligations, and strategic planning.


Our Intellectual Property Counseling Services include:

  1. Validity and Scope of Intellectual Property Rights: We assist clients in assessing the validity and scope of intellectual property rights, both in the United States and internationally.  Our experienced attorneys conduct thorough evaluations to determine the strength and enforceability of these rights, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of their intellectual property landscape.

  2. Freedom-to-Commercialize Searches and Opinions: We conduct comprehensive freedom-to-commercialize searches and provide opinions to help clients understand potential risks and restrictions associated with their intellectual property.  This valuable service enables informed decision-making when it comes to product development, commercialization, and avoiding infringement claims.

  3. Protection of Research and Development: We understand the importance of protecting clients’ research and development efforts. Our firm offers strategic advice on how to safeguard intellectual property during the R&D process, including trade secret protection and patent strategies.

  4. Trade Secret vs. Patent Protection: We provide guidance on whether to pursue trade secret protection or patent protection for clients’ innovations. Our attorneys analyze the specific circumstances and goals of each client to determine the most suitable intellectual property protection strategy.

  5. Selection of Product Names, Trademarks, and Designs: We assist clients in selecting and securing strong product names, trademarks, and designs.  Our team conducts thorough searches and evaluations to ensure that the chosen intellectual property assets are unique, distinctive, and capable of providing effective brand recognition and legal protection.

  6. Licensing and Agreements: We offer comprehensive counseling on various intellectual property agreements, including licensing, joint development, consulting, confidentiality, employee inventorship, and research development agreements.  Our attorneys provide guidance on structuring agreements to protect our clients’ interests and maximize the value of their intellectual property assets.

  7. Patent Strategies and Design Around Protection: We develop effective patent strategies to protect our clients’ innovations from competitors who may attempt to design around their patents.  We leverage our deep understanding of patent law and industry knowledge to create robust patent portfolios that provide strong protection and maintain our clients’ competitive advantage.

  8. Intellectual Property Disputes: In the event of actual or potential intellectual property disputes, our firm offers strategic counseling to help clients navigate these challenging situations.  We provide effective solutions to protect our clients’ rights and achieve favorable resolutions.

  9. Identifying Goals and Strategies: We work closely with clients to identify their intellectual property goals and provide tailored strategies to achieve them. Our team’s expertise in intellectual property law and industry trends ensures that clients receive practical advice aligned with their unique needs and objectives.


When it comes to intellectual property counseling, Chernoff Vilhauer is a trusted partner.  Our knowledgeable attorneys combine legal expertise with a deep understanding of business realities to provide clients with valuable guidance in managing and maximizing the value of their intellectual property assets.  Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your intellectual property goals.

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